1. How long does it take me access to my trainings after I purchase them? You will receive an automated email to get started after purchase. Customized and large orders will be setup after the Admin is trained or after we receive the names and address to create the log ins for you. 

2. Can my company or organization have our logo to brand the trainings? Yes, we would graciously brand the system with your company or organization name and with your logo .

2. Can my Admin assign and monitor all of my employees, members, and residents? Yes, 1 person per business, group, and organization can be trained on how to administer trainings, automate email notification, monitor completions and give certificates upon successful completion of the trainings.  

3. Do we have to have an Admin set our company up with trainings, send emails and certificates? No, we will be happy to set everyone up. We will need the first name, last name and email address of each person to assign them there very own log in and password.

4. Can I access my training courses from my cell phone or iPad? Yes you can.

5. Does the courses come with a certificate of successful completion? Yes

6. Are the trainings easy to navigate? Yes, the courses only require you press next to navigate the pages and to select the letter that best describe your answers during your review. 

7. Can I use my own LMS system to launch your courses? Yes, document your request on the Contact Us page and a representative will contact you with additional information and simple instructions.

8. Is it true that the courses read out loud to you? Yes

9. How many modules are with each training? 12 modules are in each training course.

10. Is there any advantage to ordering all the courses? YES!!! If you order all 143 courses you will have a HUGE savings, have 365 days to access and complete the trainings, you will pay substantially less per training and you will be 20x more informed than before. 

11. Are there review questions? Yes, there are review questions after each module to ensure you have understood the course material.

12. If I can not finish the course in one sitting, will the system save my place? Yes, you can log out of the course and return back to the same place when you return. Your information will not be lost.

13. How long do I have access to my trainings? Access time varies. Individual courses are allotted 30 days, multiple courses are allotted form 3-6 months to1 year depending on the courses selected.

14. How long does each training take? Each training takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. It could be slightly longer if you like to take notes.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask via the contact us page.